Welcome to Construct Lab:

An Online Research Lab

What is a construct lab?

Construct Lab is an online research laboratory designed to validate a substantial number of “universal constructs” that are found in the English language –and to demonstrate a method of using them called Construct literacy.


Our lab’s work is a challenging, necessary first step toward developing the broader pedagogical idea of “Construct Literacy”, a new, supplemental approach to literacy instruction.


For, if literacy –at its root– is comprehension, then it surely can be deepened and accelerated by helping learners master the most ubiquitous, explanatory concepts in our language.


“Universal constructs” are fundamental, abstract concepts that are used similarly –just like language cognates– across a wide spectrum of human experience and knowledge in the sciences, society, and the arts and humanities.


How many are there? Like elusive subatomic particles, the only way to answer that question is to do the research. Seven have already been validated out of a possible one hundred.


The results of this research will be made accessible to all educators and learners  –displayed as a matrix at its companion site, www.constructopedia.online –the online multimedia encyclopedia of universal constructs.


What is constructive surfing?

Constructive Surfing is an instructional method that situates internet materials within a matrix display for curated, aggregated Web browsing.


Universal constructs can be used as through-lines to explore and discover ideas from a wide range of academic disciplines and domains — at an appropriate level of difficulty. It is designed for vocabulary enrichment and to cultivate and sustain analogous, lateral thinking .


Like a narrative thread, linking information by universal constructs brings about coherence, seamlessly integrating important ideas across encyclopedic knowledge bases.

Retired teachers and professionals needed

Retired professionals,  and experienced teachers from all subject areas –and at all levels– are invited to join me in the pioneering R&D mission of Construct Lab.


The basic notion of a “construct literacy” is that learning one hundred “universal” constructs can deepen student comprehension and knowledge across all academic areas. The mission is to validate 100 constructs and then to display them using an interdisciplinary matrix of quality materials for educators and learners.


The foundational work for this project was laid during my years as a middle school English Language teacher in the New York City public schools, working with an interdisciplinary team of classroom teachers under Title VII funding.


Now retired, I built Construct Lab to continue this validation work, and I need your help.


Retired teachers and professionals are being sought who can spend an hour or so a day on the Internet to help realize this project.